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The community about Future Farming

“I think Future Farming is a great inspiration, perhaps a “candy store” for progressive farmers. Good analysis of new developments from a farmer’s perspective.”
Tamme van der Wal – Researcher
Wageningen University

“Future Farming explores the future for farmers based on the most innovative technologies of today”
Gerrit Kurstjens – Arable farmer

“I use Future Farming in my education for my students. I think Future Farming is an outstanding site for keeping me up-to-date, with the technological innovation from around the world.”
Claus Michael Bengtsen – Teacher
Agricultural college Denmark

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Why don’t you offer a printed magazine?

We don’t publish a printed magazine anymore. We’ve decided to only publish our content online. Through the Future Farming website, we keep you updated on all the latest development. This ensures that you are aways up-to-date and you don’t have to wait for the magazine to arrive on your doorstep. We will continue to invest in our online platform with better accessible dossiers, buyers guides and focus on pressing topics.

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Ofcourse, you can always contact our customer service about adjusting your subscription. You can find the contact details below these questions.

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If you wish to cancel your subscription you can contact our customer service. You can find the contact details below these frequently asked questions.

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Yes, you can. If you want a digital invoice instead of the credit-card payment method, you can send an email to our customer service( and they will arrange your subscription.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes, we offer a discount for students, teachers, researchers etc. If you want your researchers, teachers or students to have premium access to Future Farming with discount, please contact our customer service.

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